5 Staycation Ideas for Every Budget
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5 Staycation Ideas for Every Budget

A family packing for a summer vacation

Opportunities to travel are beginning to open throughout the country. After months of being cooped up, you are probably itching to get out, explore, and relax. Unfortunately, finances might not allow for an extravagant vacation, and air travel is still precarious making this the perfect time to consider taking a staycation. Below we will discuss five staycation ideas and tips on how to find the best deals on a budget.


Getting out and exploring nature is a great way to decompress. There is a campground for everyone whether you enjoy going on long hikes, playing in mountain streams, or relaxing by the beach. Just spending time at the campsite eating delicious camp favorites and laughing with family can be the perfect getaway. When choosing a campsite, keep in mind that different spots are generally different prices. Also, campgrounds inside parks tend to be more expensive. To find a deal, look for campgrounds on the outskirts of popular parks. If the prices are still too steep, pitch a tent in your backyard. Stargazing, s'mores, and scary stories are even fun steps from home. As a bonus, if an unexpected rainstorm comes, you can run inside.

Book a Local Hotel Room for a Staycation

There is something about staying in a hotel that switches the brain into relaxation mode. Having the convenience of room cleaning, fun amenities, and pools makes you feel like you are in an exotic location, even if you are only a few miles from home. Right now, there are fantastic deals on travel websites. Keep in mind, however, that booking websites come with high fees. Try calling the hotel yourself and ask if they will honor the third party price to cut out the middleman fees. Some hotels even have deals not advertised such as local rates!

Play Tourist in Your Town

This is an easy staycation idea. Sometimes we forget how much there is to do in our own city. Take a few days to explore all the places and things that make your hometown unique. Some ideas are local restaurants, boutiques, murals, and parks. Landmarks, sports venues, and other tourist attractions that you usually overlook are also fun to explore. To save some money, browse Groupon and LivingSocial for discounts. These sites are double as a useful source of ideas you might not know about. Simply browse through the activity sections. Touring your town might just remind you why you hold your town so dear.

Visit Nearby Towns or Cities

When most people look at vacation destinations, they look at cities far away. Nearby cities, country towns, and parks are often overlooked. Look at places that are a couple of hours away. You will be amazed at how much you can discover within a short drive from your home. If there is local transportation such as a train, taking different forms of transportation can also make you feel miles from home in your neighboring town.

Turn Your Home Into Your Dream Vacation

The idea of a vacation is to get away from daily life. Turn off your phone and email and make your home the perfect haven to relax. If you would love to attend a yoga retreat, stream your favorite yogi from your living room. If you love movies, try making your own personal film festival with everyone's favorite movies. If you like to cook, try different recipes or a cooking competition with loved ones. The options are endless when you make your home your own personal resort. You might just never want to leave.

Vacations are a fantastic way to escape from everyday life and relax. They help you feel refreshed and thankful. If you are on a budget, or can't travel far for any reason, staycations are the perfect alternative. There are endless ways to enjoy the benefits of traditional vacations while staying close to home. Don't let time, distance, or budget stop you from having the getaway you deserve.