Finding Side-Hustles During the Pandemic
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Finding Side-Hustles During the Pandemic

Working as a freelancer, a young man is on the phone with a client during one of his side-hustles.

With the world falling under devastating financial hardship, making financial decisions require a completely different outlook. With many people out of a job, looking for a source of income today isn't easy. If you're currently out of work, you might be looking for a "side-hustle" job, or rather, a job that provides a small pay for flexible or independent working hours. If this applies to you, consider the tips and information on how you can find good side-hustles - and keep away from the bad ones that look to take advantage of desperate workers.

Multi Level Marketing

A popular "side-hustle", multilevel marketing is when workers are directly selling to other people door-to-door, online, or over the phone. Workers for MLM companies typically get paid through sales to the customers. However, most MLM companies, both scams and legitimate ones, will have you pay for the product that you are selling.

Popular companies such as Vector Marketing are among these types of companies, however, it is essential to be wary. Indeed, they have been accused of scamming workers out of money and minimal pay. If multilevel marketing is right for you, do your research before applying.


Freelancing can take on many forms. Freelancers are anybody that provides a skill or product to others without being associated with a larger business or company. They are their own bosses and interact with their customers directly. If you have a specific skill that others may be seeking, offering your services may be a good way to get some extra money. Companies such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Verblio are common platforms that allow for freelance writing and other services.

Be mindful that freelancing can be difficult. While some websites offer platforms for customers to seek out freelancers for their services, they can come with catches, such as paying upfront or taking a portion of freelancers' pay. Freelancing without a designated platform is possible, but can often be difficult if there isn't a strong demand for your product or service. As a freelancer, you will often be your own boss, determining your own wages in exchange for your services.


While most think of internships as opportunities aimed at college students, they can be helpful, short-term jobs if you meet the internships' criteria. While most paid internships are typically good for practicing or understanding a certain skill set related to a job field, they can be a good source of pay while you try to find something more permanent. Most internships will last at least several months, and many are now offered online in response to the pandemic.

Avoiding Scams

Especially during desperate times, many scammers will be posing as legitimate "side-hustle" jobs to draw in people looking for easy money. Understand that there is no such thing as easy money, and anybody promising that is being dishonest. Avoid any jobs that make you pay large amounts of money upfront or promise lavish rewards in exchange for your work. A "side-hustle" will never be a large amount of money, but it should never make you pay more than what you are earning.


Understanding the different opportunities for side-hustle jobs online will help you earn extra income during the pandemic. Do your research on what's right for you and understand what skills you have that can utilize to make the most out of your side-hustle job, and avoid any company promising easy or "instant" money. By understanding what is available to you, your search for income will be successful.